Our company has been in the market for almost 20 years. We started to sell citrus and bananas. And now we offer our customers a wide selection of different vegetables, fruits, herbs, both domestic and foreign production. In addition, the company introduced a new line of work – its own production of fruit and vegetable processing. All the way we have passed together with reliable customers and suppliers, whom we value and are grateful for partnership. However, our company is constantly developing: new products are launched; new areas of activity are started. In this regard, we welcome new partners.

We invite to cooperate with us agricultural producers and importers who are ready to offer us their products for further sale and processing. There are many specialized warehouses of large areas that allow individual storage conditions for each product. Its gives us the opportunity to purchase products both in bulk (20 tons -100 tons) and small (10-20 kg). If you are planning to engage in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, but do not know to whom to sell your product you may contact us. We will consider all your suggestions on supplies.

For retail stores, wholesalers, and catering companies we will become the most convenient supplier offering a wide range of high-quality products and regular supplies. Required products for you always available. A skilled staff will help you find the requested products. In a relationship with all our customers we adhere to the basic rules of trading: the customer is always right.

We guarantee business integrity, honesty, and transparency!

We are ready to discuss any suggestions and answer all questions concerning partnership at any time.