We are a responsible attitude for the storage and processing of vegetables and fruits. For each product we create special storage conditions. Since that the some products requires special temperature and specific humidity our engineers select the refrigerator with special power to provide the necessary storage conditions for a given type of product.

Banana cameras are equipped with a certified technological and refrigeration equipment supporting the necessary parameters for the storage of banana: temperature, relative humidity, air circulation and breathability for high-quality ripening bananas. Its allows you to get fully control the ripening process and to increase the shelf life of a banana with the full preservation of the quality.

Warehouse for storing apples equipped with refrigeration chambers to ensure the long-term storage of apples. It installed refrigeration units are designed to create the necessary coolant, ventilation, sealed doors, air humidification system maintains the desired level of humidity. From the tree apples are added to the container in which they are stored that makes it possible to protect the products from the battlefield in the collection and transportation.

Growers are designed for long-term storage of goods with minimal losses. The correct optimal storage mode allows you to slow the biochemical processes in the vegetables and to preserve the quality of goods. Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity, which is conducted by an experienced staff allows you to increase the shelf life of vegetables to 6-8 months Shop for processing of fruits and vegetables is equipped with modern electrical machines for chopping vegetables, digesters, high-precision scales. The containers that we use for mixing vegetables are made of stainless steel.